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Developing Skills For Business Success

  • Communication Skills

    Do other people fully understand you?

    Do other people fully understand you? If no, you need to master the techniques of effective communication. Professionals and business owners need to acquire that finesse to be noticed and get superior business results. Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill, people with good communication[...]

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  • Soft Skills

    Have you taken inventory of your teams

    Have you taken inventory of your teams’ soft skills set? Degrees and credentials are important, but the development of soft skills—skills that are more social than technical— like the ability to accept feedback, work collaboratively, gender & culture sensitivity are a crucial part of fostering [...]

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    Soft Skill Training
  • Leadership Skills

    Effective leaders develop a sense

    Effective leaders develop a sense of purpose by pursuing goals that align with their personal values allowing them to look beyond the status quo to what is possible and having a compelling reason to take action. Such leaders are seen as authentic and trustworthy, they inspire commitment, boost resolve [...]

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    Leadership Training
  • Sales & Marketing

    Develop relevance, context & connection

    Content builds relationships, relationships are built on trust, trust drives revenue. Use your creativity to make your customer feel valued, help them buy, be genuinely enthusiastic, for every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred for not being [...]

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    Sales & Marketing Training


reduction in development costs

reduction in development costs


increase in quality assurance

increase in quality assurance


increase in development time

increase in development time

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Founded by very senior industry veterans and directed by an elite governing council, RISE Consulting Services focuses on the most crucial element which leads to the success of corporate strategy - The people factor.. IELTS Coaching Immigration Consultants, Study Abroad Consultants, PTE Classes

Having worked as top management professionals in blue chip private, PSU and multinational corporations RISE founders have analyzed the critical role learning plays within organizations, and the impact individual and group behaviour has on effectively achieving high performance. As a result, RISE has helped many organisations reach their peak performance through interactive trainings and consulting

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